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Buy Cloned Credit Cards

Buy Cloned Credit Cards

Cloned Credit Cards in the UK: Understanding the Illicit World of Duplicate Cards

Cloned credit cards in the UK refer to illegal replicas of authorized credit cards that are used for fraudulent purposes. These replicas can feature the genuine cardholder’s name or be duplicated with real card details but with a fraudulent name that matches other forms of identification held by the counterfeiter.

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Origins and Techniques:
Card duplication often follows other forms of credit card fraud, such as card cloning or card skimming, where the details of a genuine credit card are obtained using a device attached to an ATM or card payment machine. Alternatively, fraudsters may purchase batches of credit card details from criminal groups online, enabling them to create realistic duplicate credit cards with genuine individuals’ names.

Buy Cloned Credit Cards
Buy Cloned Credit Cards

Legal Consequences and Seeking Assistance:
Cloning credit cards is a serious offense, particularly if the source of the details is connected to major crimes. If accused of card counterfeiting, it is essential to seek legal advice promptly from an experienced legal team. At Draycott Browne, our credit card fraud solicitors in Manchester have over 20 years of experience successfully defending clients against allegations of duplicate card fraud, providing immediate assistance when needed.

Cloned Credit Cards

The Extent of the Problem:

Duplicated credit cards, also known as counterfeit cards, account for an average of approximately 100,000 cases each year. In 2017, there were nearly 85,000 recorded cases, resulting in losses exceeding £24 million due to counterfeit card fraud, according to the Fraud The Facts 2018 report from UK Finance.

However, the long-term issue is even more significant, with nearly 110,000 cases reported in 2016 alone. Buy Cloned Credit Cards

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Associated Fraud and the Importance of Defense:
Counterfeit cards represent just one avenue for the use of illegally obtained card details. Such details are often utilized in cardholder-not-present frauds for online or phone payments without the need for a physical duplicate card. However, in cases involving duplicate cards, the card itself serves as additional physical evidence, underscoring the importance of seeking the right legal advice to mount a successful defense against any allegations of card counterfeiting.

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How Draycott Browne Can Assist:
As a leading criminal defense law firm in the UK, Draycott Browne specializes in credit card fraud defense cases, boasting a team of experienced counterfeit card solicitors in Manchester. We possess extensive knowledge of the prevalence of this type of fraud in Manchester and the northwest region and are familiar with successful defense strategies for counterfeit card cases that go to court. Understanding that arrests can occur at any time, we are available round the clock to provide immediate assistance when the police suspect involvement in using or creating counterfeit credit cards.



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